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Here are answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions.

We manage all types of Real Estate, including but limited to Boston area homes, high rise buildings, multi-family apartment buildings, condominiums, retail and commercial stores, offices, industrial properties, timeshare and short term furnished rentals, bed and breakfasts, and storage facilities. Our experts know how to assist you in all your Real Estate Management needs.

Often times, many landlords are too busy focusing on their core competencies or businesses and lack the time or serious expertise needed for day-to-day management of their properties. This is where our company can help!

In short, our property managers save you significant amounts of time and energy because they are experts in all areas above. We have property managers in the Boston area that work closely as a team and make sure you are provided with round the clock coverage so you can sleep easy! It is not uncommon for us to address emergency issues at a property 24 hours per day.
We can handle all the financial operations of your property. We maintain the highest standards in making sure that your rent is collected and that mortgages, taxes, insurance, maintenance bills, and payroll are paid promptly. We are also happy to assist you in managing your Condominium in community associations. We can also help you in any manner possible with how you would like to be assisted in paying your bills in regards to your property.

We can provide building owners and condominium groups financial statements and income planning to set aside monies for future major upgrades and deferred maintenance for buildings. Our property managers can design a plan specifically for each of your properties that puts you on the right financial plan to maximize your monies and protect your investment.
We constantly negotiate contracts and deploy both in-house and outsourced services for interior and exterior cleaning of building common areas and individual units, full landscaping and groundskeeping, trash removal, security, towing of abandoned or illegally parked cars, and other services. We vigorously screen our contractors and award our business out to those that provide not only the best pricing but also the finest work in a timely manner. We work with dozens of Boston contractors, plumbers, and electricians and recommend to the owners which bid to accept based on numerous unique factors inherent to their property and situation.

We closely monitor the work of contractors and servicemen. We quickly investigate and resolve complaints from landlords, residents, and tenants when services are not properly provided. Many of our skilled managers also buy supplies and emergency equipment for your property and make arrangements with specialists to open doors for them and provide round the clock access to the property maintenance staff. We document all work and can keep all the proper paperwork for you!
Our office is located in Back Bay Boston. Most of our clients and properties are in that area. However, we provide services throughout Massachusetts, both with our inhouse staff and partners. 
We offer property management assistance to individual homeowners as well as large condo and apartment complexes and can assist from completely managing a property to being in charge of a specific renovation or project. 
Yes, we are a full property management company offering all services needed to manage and issues a property may need. 
Yes, we help individual homeowners, residential, and commercial properties and entities renovate the exterior and interior, including additions and architect designs
Simply send us a message with your needs and one of our dedicated team members will respond within 1 business day to get you started!